Most face-to-face lessons, except for the Wednesday Shuffle and Deal, are currently cancelled because of the pandemic.
We are slowly resuming in-person lessons; see the schedule below.
Wes Powers is teaching extensive lessons online. Please see his page at for details.

Lessons at Yorktown

We offer lessons for those who want to learn bridge or improve their game. Here are the levels of classes we teach:

Beginner For new players who have never played bridge before, and want to learn the game. We start at the very beginning, and we assume no previous knowledge of bridge.
Novice Also called "Advanced Beginner." For those who have completed a Beginner course and want to solidify their understanding. We review basic bidding and play techniques, but go into more depth.
Intermediate For players who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and want to bring their game to the next level. Bidding is more in-depth, and may include some of the more popular and easier conventions.
Advanced For active duplicate bridge players who want to learn new techniques and improve their skills. Bidding focuses on popular conventions; play and defense focus on more advanced techniques and thinking at the table.
Supervised Play This is an opportunity to play bridge and practice what you have learned in class or elsewhere. The teachers will answer any questions you have about bidding or play.

Typically, each class includes a combination of lecture, bidding practice, playing deals, and practice worksheets. The exact makeup of a class depends on the instructor and the topic being covered.

You do NOT need to come with a partner.

All classes are held at the Yorktown Bridge Club.

Lesson Schedule

NOTE: Most classes require preregistration (unless indicated below). There is a minimum number of students required to hold a class, and we may need to cancel a class if there is low enrollment.

Registration: Note: If you are interested in beginner lessons, please call the club at 215-886-7800. We form beginner classes when we have enough interest.

Title Level Day and Time Dates Instructor(s) Cost
Shuffle and Deal Supervised Play Wednesdays, 9:00 to 11:00 AM Every week, no pre-registration is required. Just come. Wes Powers $10 per week